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Not all illnesses reveal themselves right away. Some can be cleverly disguised before striking out of nowhere. Heart and bloodstream issues are a leading cause of death throughout most of the developed world, and they can affect anyone, regardless of their age. Living healthy and exercising might not be enough either – athletes have a larger heart, so their blood pressure tends to be out of the ordinary too. But it’s not just all doom and gloom. Checking up regularly on your vitals can help you live out your life without ever experiencing the consequences of some health conditions, and you don’t have to visit your doctor for check-ups either. Using a blood pressure monitor can help detect any irregularities early on, would not require frequent visits to the doctor’s, and prevent more serious issues in the future. And the best device in terms of value and simplicity is, without a doubt, NovaCardix.


You don’t need to be accustomed to the procedure to know exactly what to do or how to interpret the results. Included in the purchase there are comprehensive instructions on how to use it. It’s very simple! There are three buttons, all with a clearly stated function. SET allows you to select the date and time options so that once you’ll save your readings, it will show accurately when those were taken. Perfect if you need to check on yourself regularly. MEM saves your data for future use. NovaCardix saves up to 90 readings per person (can hold readings of two people at the same time), enough to get comprehensive data on your overall health, whether for self-monitoring purposes or to show your doctor. Final, blue START/STOP button does exactly what it says – once pressed, it will begin to measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as pulse, and if you were to feel very uncomfortable suddenly, or wish to stop, simply press the button again, and it will release the pressure. Wearing the cuff is very simple also – just place it on your arm, not too tightly, but so it wouldn’t slip down, relax your arm on a stable surface, and stay calm till you get your readings – it won’t take long, and the results you’ll get will be reliable and accurate.


With NovaCardix, you can receive 99.9% accuracy at an affordable price. But there’s much more that makes this device special. Being compact and lightweight, it will fit in your cabinet or drawer and can also be taken on trips. As it is battery-powered, you won’t even need to get an adapter to get it to work during your trips abroad. A large LCD display will make your results easy to read, and a convenient chart will indicate if your measurements are normal, slightly out of the ordinary, or bad. This means that even if you don’t know what the right blood pressure should be, you’ll know if your reading is normal or if there’s a cause for concern. The opportunity to record data is also an excellent feature, as it would show you or your doctor your general well-being. This way, even minor inconsistencies could be addressed, and potentially dangerous conditions uncovered early on before any damage to your health is done. Even if you are a young, healthy, and active person, using a blood pressure monitor can help you avoid ‘silent-killer’ labeled illnesses, and NovaCardix is the most convenient way to achieve it.


  • Accurate measurements: nothing is perfect, but NovaCardix gets as close to it as possible. If done according to guidelines, your results will be clinically precise.
  • Very easy to use: simple one-button operation with clear instructions on how to perform the measurements yourself.
  • Large LCD screen: no confusion there at all – with NovaCardix, your results will be displayed clear as day.
  • Data recordings: with a one-button operation, set the correct time and date, and up to 90 recordings per person will be automatically saved to show you, and your doctor, an overview of your general well-being.
  • Two people memory settings: NovaCardix will save yours, and one more person’s readings separate, so this device is a perfect alternative for a couple.
  • Travel-friendly: thanks to it being powered by batteries, as well as compact size and light weight, you’ll be able to take your device anywhere with you.
  • Auto shutdown: to save batteries, NovaCardix will automatically shut itself off after prolonged inactivity. All without losing valuable data!
  • Affordable: blood pressure and pulse monitoring device for such a price? You got that right! This device is not overpriced nor sacrifices quality for affordability.


Without a doubt, yes! Among many available sphygmomanometers, NovaCardix stands out for its accuracy, portability, affordability, and ease of use. It does exactly what it needs to do, as accurately as possible, can be easily tucked away or taken with you on trips all over the world, and is not terribly overpriced. Most importantly, though, NovaCardix is not loaded with overly complicated, unnecessary features like some modern blood pressure monitors do, instead offering you effortless use and the ability to store data, so you could use it to improve your health. It’s an invaluable device for anyone wanting to take better care of themselves, particularly with the busy everyday routine causing some to skip medical visits. Thus, all things considered, there aren’t any reasons why you shouldn’t get your own NovaCardix.


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